Projects we are involved with

The Key Centre Project

We are able to offer time-limited counselling with quick and easy access for those who have reach crisis points in their lives, are on very low incomes and live in Frome.

This free counselling service is dependent on outside grants and fundraising.

Bursary Fund

Our charitable aim is to provide high quality psychodynamic counselling but at affordable rates from our centres in Frome, Bath, Bristol and Street. We acknowledge that some people cannot afford to pay our fees.

We aim to maintain a Bursary Fund which enables clients in hardship to access time limited counselling at subsidised rates.

Low Cost Counselling Schemes

For people on benefits we are often able to offer up to 6 months counselling at £10 a session. Places on this scheme are limited and funded from Wessex Counselling & Psychotherapy reserves and by various fundraising events.

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