Talking therapies work

We are open for new referrals and now offering online counselling & psychotherapy.

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Talking therapies work

Celebrating over 30 years of Psychodynamic Counselling and Counsellor Training in Frome, Bath, Bristol, Street and surrounding areas.
We help people, and we train those who want to help.

Counselling Services

Our counselling offers help in addressing the difficult areas of your life. We will listen to you without making judgments and can help you find new resources within yourself.

Counsellor Training

Wessex training is a non-profit making organisation offering Psychodynamic Counselling and Psychotherapy Training in Somerset. Our courses are accredited to national standards.

Our counselling services

A safe place to talk

Colleagues, family and friends can be a great source of support but it’s not always easy to confide in those closest to you. At times like these, talking to someone who is not personally involved can make a difference.

Psychodynamic Counselling & Psychotherapy

At Wessex Counselling & Psychotherapy we offer psychodynamic counselling which a long-established and well-known counselling model.

You-TH Space

A counselling service in Frome for 15 to 18 year olds. We’re friendly, we won’t judge and we’re local.

Employee Counselling Schemes

Wessex Counselling & Psychotherapy offers rapid access to brief, focused, confidential counselling for employees with personal and/or workplace issues.

Couples counselling

All relationships can have their rocky patches. Couples counselling offers you the time to talk and listen to each other, with the help of a professional counsellor

External supervision for professionals

In many professions - alternative therapy, health-related posts, nursing, teaching and others - you may work with individuals who are in emotional distress.