Short Courses & Specialist Courses

Introduction to Counselling Skills Course

For anyone working or volunteering in the helping professions.
10 weeks part-time
One evening a week 6.30pm - 8.30pm
Next course starting Tuesday 24th April 2018
Course fee: £250 (£50 non-returnable deposit)

This course is for you if you:

work in one of the caring or helping professions
want to develop your confidence and improve your skills
want to improve your listening skills
want to improve your communication skills
are considering further training in counselling

Please fill in the application form which can be downloaded to the right. To apply please complete our application form and return it with your £50 non-returnable deposit to reserve your place).

Infant Observation Seminars

WCP is very pleased to offer a seminar series to accompany an infant observation experience . Participants will observe a baby from birth to 18 months for one hour per week and attend a 90 minute seminar for 40 weeks of the year in which observation experience is presented and thought about.
It was D.W. Winnicott who famously said, "there is no such thing as a baby …a baby cannot exist alone, but is essentially part of a relationship" (1964:88). An infant observation experience provides an opportunity to observe and reflect upon this in depth. Infant observation is recognised as an essential component of much psychotherapeutic training and is a potentially enriching experience for all involved. This is as true for the participant who seeks to undertake a period of infant observation in anticipation of further psychotherapy or clinical doctorate training, or to foster deeper understanding about the earliest relationship and the development of the individual, psychological processes and the psyche. For the psychodynamic counsellor or psychotherapist this is invaluable to our own experience within the consulting room.
Each participant will find their own mother and baby couple but some help will be given with this: there will be a seminar in the early summer to discuss this.
For those participants choosing to write a paper there will be an additional charge.
The paper is not a requirement of participation. The seminar series will be CPD and WCP accredited.
Seminars will take place in Frome, on Fridays from 11.30am - 1pm at Fairfield House, King Street, BA11 1BH.

Application details: For further information please complete our training contact form.

Cost: £1,000 per annum (£25 per seminar) payable in advance or by monthly instalments. Additional subscription fee for online psychoanalytic publishing library (pep-web). All participants will be DBS checked at no extra cost.

Wessex Counselling & Psychotherapy / The Bridge Foundation - CPD Post-Graduate Diploma 2018
Psychodynamic Approaches to Counselling Children and Young People in Educational and Community Settings



Course Dates

The 2018 course will be held in Bristol on 12 Saturdays from Spring 2018. There will be an introductory ½ day induction on 14 April 2018 and 12 study days.

28 April 2018, 12 May 2018, 9 June 2018, 7 July 2018, 21 July 2018, 8 September 2018, 13 October 2018, 10 November 2018, 8 December 2018, 12 January 2019, 9 February 2019, 9 March 2019

Who is the course helpful for?

. Experienced school/FE/young persons’ counsellors seeking to develop their practice and update their knowledge

. Less experienced school/FE /young persons’ counsellors wanting to improve their skills and to develop their counselling practice.

. Graduate counsellors looking to take on work as a school/FE counsellor/young persons’ counsellor.

Fees and Application

Cost: £1,500 per annum (monthly payment option). Excludes cost of clinical supervision.

We are now interviewing for 2018 - see Wessex Counselling & Psychotherapy website ( to download an application form.

The Course

Delivered over thirteen Saturday’s per annum in Bristol from Spring 2018, the course focusses on psychodynamic approaches to therapy with children and young people, developmental and neuroscience theory. A work discussion group and process group run alongside individual supervision of your work/placement which can be arranged locally with an approved supervisor. The course is taught by highly experienced and qualified staff within the field.

Participants will be assessed on attendance, participation and engagement in the Programme alongside three written submissions throughout the year at post-graduate level.

You will be required to complete a minimum of 60 hours client work with children or young people in a school/FE college or other institutional setting. If you do not already work in a paid or unpaid capacity with children or young people, we may be able to provide some support in finding a placement.


Applicants must hold a recognised Diploma in Counselling or a Psychotherapy qualification. Your Diploma does not need to be in Psychodynamic Counselling but you will find it helpful to have a basic grounding or knowledge of psychodynamic theory. It is anticipated that applicants will already be working with children/young people or attempting to find paid or unpaid work as counsellors with this client group.

MA/Post-Graduate Diploma with Bath Spa University

The course is run in parallel with Bath Spa University (BSU) and completion of the course can count towards accreditation with Bath Spa University for the MA or PGD in Counselling and Psychotherapy Practice allowing you to obtain an academic qualification alongside your counselling training i.e. 60 points credit for Counselling Diploma and a possible 30 points APEL credit for the Counselling Children and Young people Course towards the MA (180 points).

There is an additional fee payable to BSU for registration and for additional modules

which will be required to achieve the MA/PGD awarded by the university.

Study: All the study days will take place in Bristol at the Bridge Foundation on Saturdays

Tutorials: Each student can expect to have two tutorials during the 12 day study experience with a named tutor.

Please click here for an application form.

Your Responsibilities


2 hours per month during term time.
15 hours minimum over the duration of the course.
Supervisors to be experienced in schools counselling,
family work or with working with adolescents and young
Group or individual supervision is acceptable.
You are responsible for paying your own supervision

Counselling Work

Minimum of 60 client hours with young people in a
school. This can be in a paid or unpaid capacity.

Time Commitment