Tavistock Relationships in partnership with Wessex Counselling & Psychotherapy

Understanding the Couple Relationship

with Dr David Hewison,
Tavistock Relationships’ Head of Research and Consultant Couple Psychotherapist

Saturday 17th March 2018, Frome

This event is aimed at those with significant experience of (and qualifications in) working in therapy or counselling with individuals.
It will centre around a number of key couple concepts including interpersonal projective identification, the relationship as the patient, unconscious partner choice, shared unconscious phantasies and beliefs.

As a group, we will look at a piece of couple material and think together about how applying couple theory to practice can helpfully
illuminate some of the unconscious dynamics driving relationship distress.

There will be the opportunity to find out more about the Certificate in Couples work
commencing monthly on Saturdays from May 2018 in Frome.

Cost of the day: £65. Concessionary rate for WCP trainees: £50

Payment required at time of booking.


01373 453355


To apply for the Certificate

contact: E: training@TavistockRelationships.ac.uk T: 020 7380 8288 For more info and to apply online visit www.TavistockRelationships.ac.uk

Domestic Abuse CPD Workshop

Saturday 27th January 2018

Abuse is not a one-off incident, but a systematic method of maintaining power and control within a relationship.

This workshop will look at the definition, dynamics & challenges of understanding and working with
Domestic Abuse.

The day will include theoretical perspectives of domestic abuse alongside cultural beliefs, attitudes &
values about anger, aggression, power & control.

·What leads people into abusive relationships? Why do adults remain in abusive relationships in-spite of on-going fear, control of liberty, and isolation from friends, family and/or supportive professionals?

·Why are more women than men abused?

·Is there a connection between predatory sexual behaviour and domestic abuse?

Melanie Klein suggests that: ‘these bad parts of the self are not meant only to injure but also to control & take possession of the object.’ Klein, 1946:8.

Is projective identification a way to understand the complex dynamics of domestic abuse and how can we speak and think about the victim/perpetrator relationship without pathologising or blaming ‘victims of abuse’?

How are developmental processes and a sense of self affected by living in a family in which there is or has been domestic abuse? What is the impact of living with an S/Care-giver?

Domestic abuse is a perversion of what a child might rightfully expect from parents/caregivers.

It is likely that abuse will have a powerful impact on a child’s attachment style, both as a trauma in itself and in view of the context in which abuse takes place

The perverse paradoxis that the adult care-giver is both the attachment figure to whom the child turns for protection and either the victim of abuse (mother/father) or the source of the threat (father/mother).Holmes, J. The Search for the Secure Base, Ch 9.

This workshop will include teaching, small group work and some clinical discussion.

It is not an experiential workshop & participants will not be expected to disclose personal history.

Ethics and confidentiality today—the challenges of the modern media

Saturday 28th April 2018

With Fiona Palmer Barnes,
Analytical Psychologist and Psychotherapist

Fiona Palmer Barnes is an Analytical Psychologist and
Psychotherapist with a career long interest in Ethics and Practice.

Fiona worked with the secretariat at BACP to set up their Complaints Process which she then chaired for 7 years, and was chair of the UKCP’s Ethics committee for 3 years in the early 2000s.

Inthis workshop we will look at how the modern media, including skype, facebook and twitter, challenge our work as therapists.We will also look at the specific issues for private practice and agency work as
counsellors and psychotherapists in complying with the new
legislation in this area.

Fiona has written a number of articles and
‘Complaints and Grievances in Psychotherapy’ (1998),
and edited with Leslie Murdin: Values and Ethics in the Practice of
Psychotherapy and Counselling (2001).

Cost of the day £65 with a £50 concessionary Rate for WCP trainees

To book: 01373 453355