Stage One : Foundation Certificate in Counselling Skills and Attitudes

Course aims and outcomes:

have learned about and practiced the basic skills of listening, mirroring, reflecting back, paraphrasing and summarizing to facilitate the other’s understanding and accommodation of their feelings and emotional conflict;

• have begun to look at, reflect on and recognise patterns in behaviour, feeling and thinking in themselves and in others and to have practiced these experientially involving the further counselling skills of clarifying, supporting and challenging others to further their recognition, thinking about and management of feelings, thoughts and conflicts;

• have shown an interest in and commitment to self-exploration and development;

• have learned some basic theory about human growth and development;

• have understood about the importance of boundaries and ethics in counselling work and developed an understanding of the difference between using counselling skills in a variety of situations and counselling/psychotherapy;

• be aware of working and living in a multicultural society where issues of difference are acknowledged and worked with sensitively, and assumptions are challenged.

Entry Requirements

This is an open course and you do not need to have completed any previous training or achieved any specific academic standard. There is a selection process and we are looking for applicants who can demonstrate a potential for the work. This will be primarily shown through your capacity for reflection and self awareness. As the course can be emotionally demanding we are also looking for applicants who are sufficiently supported outside of the course.

Interviews: There is a selection process for which a non-returnable interview fee of £45 is made


Counselling Skills and Attitudes
Course Summary

Course Times

 Wednesday evening 17.00 -21.00
 3 terms of 10 weeks
 2 Saturday workshops

Course Fees  £1250 per annum Monthly or Quarterly payments

Course Application

 By application form, click here to download and by Interview for which  there is a non-returnable fee of £45.00

Westminster Pastoral Foundation (wpf Therapy) certificate in Counselling Skills and Attitudes
Year 1 of Bacp Diploma in Psychodynamic Counselling
Required for all subsequent levels of training

Therapy Requirement

Encouraged but not required

Those wishing to continue on to the Diploma will need to be in once weekly therapy with a Wessex approved therapist by the begining of Year 2


Students must be observed and assessed as having developed their counselling skills to a staisfactory standard.

Attendance of at least 80% and satisfactory completion of two written assignments.

Course Selection Criteria

Personal and emotional suitability for exploring psychodynamic issues and counselling skills.

Evidence of the intellectual potential to complete the theoretical elements of the course including written assignments.