How it worked for me....

On this page we have stories and testimonials from people whom counselling has helped.

What I have got from coming to counselling is:

"A better understanding of myself, my ability to cope with difficult emotions and be reflective. Have gained an acceptance for who I am and built inner strength. Thank you."

"Peace of mind. I have normal thoughts, emotions and responses to certain issues in life. Am learning to understand the what why and ifs etc - and getting issues off my chest."

"I have moved from a point where I could no longer see a point to life, or my role in it, to one where I can enjoy life and family and relationships again."

"The time and space to work through the things that have been causing me anxiety and concern along with the confidence to seek help for my depression".

"I have got a lot of things of my chest by coming to counselling which has made me realise what I want for my future in regard to my relationship with my partner".

"I would like to thank Wessex CP for the support and service they have given me, I really don't know what I would have done without it. Frome is very fortunate to have you!"